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Smart Home with Tahoma system

How many of us dream about doing some things at home by themselves? So that you do not have to remember about dozens of small things when leaving the house, such as: closing windows, turning off the lights, turning on the lighting in the garden?

Automatic opening of doors, closing of blinds or turning on the light away from home with just one finger movement is no longer a description of a fantasy movie scene, but a reality. Home management through applications that allow household members to enjoy maximum security and save time is becoming more and more popular. The TaHoma Somfy system - a specialist in intelligent building management - will help us control the house.

The TaHoma system, which will intelligently cooperate with the available solutions, offers the possibility of total control over the house with a single button. The system not only allows you to perform many activities at the same time, but also allows you to constantly monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

In short: TaHoma is the brain of the house - thanks to this system we can manage all devices in and around the house, such as: external roller shutters, blinds, curtains, awnings, gates, entrance doors or garage doors. The system can be used on any computer, mobile phone or other mobile device, regardless of whether we are at home or thousands of kilometers away. TaHoma system users can configure it on their own. After saving the appropriate settings, the system can automatically react to the amount of sunlight or temperature, or turn the device on and off at times selected by the household members.

The TaHoma system ensures full safety of residents during their presence and absence at home. The ability to control what is happening in it, if we are in another city or country, allows us to react quickly in risky situations. Thanks to the TaHoma system, we can control whether the house is exposed to the visit of uninvited guests, but it also allows us to quickly close the roller shutters when a strong storm is approaching or turn on the air conditioning when it is hot outside and we are on our way home. Thanks to this, TaHoma can protect us and our homes from many dangerous situations.

The device allows you to configure selected scenarios. The user has the option of saving ready-made settings, according to which selected entities of the joinery and more will operate. For example, you can choose between work, vacation, or night scenarios. Thanks to scenarios, you can be sure that after returning home you will not find too low or too high temperature, and during your absence, unnecessary devices that need a large amount of electricity will not be turned on. The TaHoma device allows to upload time-division scenarios, which allows for very precise and flexible adaptation of the home rhythm to our lifestyle and needs.

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