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AWILUX is an international company that has located its production in Poland. Its roots go back to Germany and draw on the many years of tradition and experience of its founders. The young, committed and open AWILUX team is a unique and specific competitive advantage on the window industry market.

In our operation, we use a stable business model based on partnership relations, an important element of which is mutual respect and treating business partners as part of the company's organization. That is why we listen to the needs of our partners, and their voice and opinions are an important element of the company's operation. We also organize trainings, provide exhibition elements, standardize the furnishings of salons, and jointly carry out advertising campaigns.

Our trading partners have at their disposal a team of experienced technologists operating in AWILUX. Our technicians provide assistance in the selection of optimal solutions based on the standards and recommendations of system providers. This allows the implementation of even very complex and demanding projects while maintaining statics and building regulations.

Each of our partners is assigned an attendant at AWILUX, he is the "ambassador" of our Partner in the Organization and takes care of the smooth implementation of the Partner's affairs.

The AWILUX company uses the patterns of the german organization of work, consisting in planning production and determining the delivery date (calendar week) at the stage of order acceptance. This avoids the accumulation of orders in production and thus possible delays. Working in this system, we always give a realistic deadline (even if it is longer than the competition provides) and thus build trust - we know what we are talking about, we meet deadlines! Thus, we meet the criteria of demanding foreign customers. We also apply the same principles on the domestic market.

Acting in this way, it gives the possibility of precise work planning and the maximum use of assembly teams. Our windows can be delivered with a forklift directly to the construction site. Such a solution is still not a common standard in Poland. Currently, we already have 15 vehicles equipped with forklifts (7 of our own).

AWILUX always puts the safety and proper functioning of its products first. We implement topics that are often not taken up by other companies, but we do not implement topics that are inconsistent with the system provider's guidelines that other companies implement.

Do you need more information, do you want to ask for a price offer, advise on the best solution for your home? Contact us using the form below.

AWILUX Polska Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

ul. Budowlanych 9, PL 64-100 Leszno

NIP: 6972187992, REGON: 300358560

Tel.: +48 65 525 42 90Fax:+48 65 525 42 91

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