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Promotion for fittings and contact switches

Publication date: 2023-07-31

Promotion for fittings and contact switches

When it comes to security, it's not worth cutting corners, so it's worth considering additional window protection and installing contact switches in them.

AWILUX has decided to lower the prices of hidden hinges and all types of contact switches - both those used for home burglary protection, air conditioning control, as well as those used in intelligent home management, apartments, or other buildings - mounted in PVC windows

The price reduction will be in effect from August 1st until September 30th.

Hidden hinges

The TopSelect fitting is concealed in the rebate. Thanks to this design, the hinges are invisible when the window is closed. This significantly enhances the window's aesthetics. In the case of standard hinges, visible covers are available, but they come in a limited number of designs.

In addition to the aesthetic features, the fitting also has better thermal insulation parameters. The hinges are entirely concealed in a dry chamber between the sash and window frame, preventing thermal bridging. The sealing continuity is maintained along the entire circumference of the sash.

Contact switches

Contact switches are small sensors mounted between the frame and the sash. They are entirely invisible from the outside. Although they are a crucial part of the alarm system or access control system, their construction is very simple. They consist of two elements - a magnet and a contact-based sensor. When a window with a contact switch is opened, the system detects the absence of a closed electromagnetic circuit and triggers the alarm. This is a very effective way to prevent break-ins. Contact switches on windows inform us about the incident before the intruder gains access to the interior of the house or apartment, giving us a significant time advantage over unwanted guests.

Contact switches can also be used in the context of equipping a building with air conditioning. In this case, opening the window will cause the air conditioning system to turn off.

In smart home systems, contact switches can serve as sensors and be used for optimizing heating. Opening the window then sends a signal about the changing energy demand, and special software will activate or deactivate the heating.

Contact switches are an incredibly functional solution that provides us with comfort and facilitates life in many aspects.

Do you need more information, do you want to ask for a price offer, advise on the best solution for your home? Contact us using the form below.

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