Regardless of the shutter type and placement, it is always worth it to fit them with drive motors to ensure easy and comfortable operation. Some important decision-making facts:

Obstacle detection: the shutter blind automatically stops at an obstacle

preventing any damage to the drive and the shutter

Frost protection: the shutter automatically stops if the shutter blades are blocked by ice

Automatic settings (ILMO): the settings allow the shutter to fully close and open every time.

Burglar deterrent: the shutters cannot be raised from the outside due to matching locks.

Ease of use and very advanced technology allow the motor drives to improve the quality and comfort of day-to-day life in the house. The shutters will raise and lower automatically at the press of one button, or at the programmed time. Operate all the shutters at once, or each one individually, entire floors or façades, in any configuration.
The shutters can be operated by a remote from any location inside the house, for example from your bed or when you’re sitting at the table. Time-consuming and inconvenient manual raising and lowering of shutters is becoming a thing of the past. If the shutters are already installed, it is very easy to fit them with drives. Modern radio control technology will bring comfort into your home effortlessly and affordably.


The larger the glazed area in the façade, the  brighter and pleasanter is the interior. However, this results in higher heat loss in the autumn and winter period. Automated shutters are the perfect solution for thermal insulation. An air cushion is formed between the shutter and the window which perfectly prevents heat loss. Lowering the shutters at the right time can result in up to 12% savings on the heating expenses. On the other hand, shutters should be raised in good weather, allowing the sun rays to warm up the interior. A set of weather sensors as well as the Somfy timer switch allows to carry out the most optimal scenario for raising and lowering shutters.

 Depending on the weather and set operating times, the shutters will carry out the programmed scenario, even if you are not at home. On the other hand, in the spring and summer season, the shutters will prevent the overheating of interiors during the day, and excessive cooling at night-time.


Automated shutters protect your property from burglars. The “security” function serves to imitate presence when the inhabitants are away, thus scaring off potential intruders. Moreover, reinforced structure (the so called Hangers) prevents the shutters from being raised by unauthorized persons.


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