Facade blinds combine high quality, excellent insulation and modern design. They allow you to adjust the amount of light entering the house interior, which it not always possible when using external and internal blinds. Facade blinds provide a technologically advanced alternative to external and internal blinds, being a very functional and elegant solution for both residential buildings and public utility facilities.


Sunlight under control
Facade blinds are a solution that allows you to freely control the amount of light entering the building interior. Changing the slat inclination angle enables you to control light intensity in the room. We offer two types of facade blinds: C and Z ones in two widths: 80 mm and 90 mm. The Z-shaped facade blinds, thanks to a special in-built sealing gasket, can completely darken the room, which is extremely comfortable in the bedroom facing east or south.

Convenient control
There are two types of control systems to choose – manual or electric one. The blinds can be connected to the Tahoma intelligent building management system. This means that you can control your blinds even when you are away from home by using your smartphone or tablet. A properly set up scenario also causes the blinds to spontaneously shut down if the light intensity exceeds a certain level – it is a very useful solution both in residential buildings and corporate facilities, where large glazing and sunlight penetrating the windows can cause significant employee discomfort. In emergency situations, for example during an unforeseen breakdown of the weather or during strong winds, you can also remotely control the blinds, which guarantees greater security.

Modern design
Windows, together with blinds and shutters, are a very visible element of the facade, and when selected well they can become a dominating feature of the building, attracting the attention and giving the facility a special character. Facade blinds are perfect for modern single-family houses, apartments and multi-family buildings. Their elegant structure, contrasting with the uniform surface of walls, attracts the attention, creating a distinctive combination. Type C blinds are versatile, and due to the neutral shape of the slats they work well in both residential and office buildings. The tilting slat in the Z-type blinds is more dynamic in nature thanks to geometrical bends. Both blinds series are offered in five different colours: from white, through various shades of grey, to classic black. In addition, it is possible to select various colour shades of structure and slats.

 Protection against external factors
Good thermal insulation eliminates heat loss in the building and it is one of the basic features of energy efficient constructions. This translates directly into the savings associated with lower heating costs. Facade blinds will help you keep the heat inside the building and thus maintain the proper temperature. In addition, they will protect your windows against external factors. On warm days, in turn, the blinds will not allow excessive warming of the room, guaranteeing pleasant atmosphere at home.


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