Safety comes first in buildings with children. The child’s curiosity has no bounds, which means grown-ups have to pay close attention if the environment at home, school or kindergarten is safe for children. dziecko

The change in window opening order (tilt first) is an effective safety measure. The special variant of the activPilot Tilt First fitting first tilts the window, only after the handle is turned upwards, will the window be fully opened. An additional safety mechanism is the special handle fitted with lock and key. This allows to open the window only after unlocking it.

The TiltFirst fitting variant is available in adjustable and fixed handle position. It is compatible with most profiles available on the market. It does not require additional drilling or milling of the profile, so it can be incorporated during regular window installation. The fitter only replaces the air latches and air latch arms with the version with inverted opening action. Edge corners, casement bolts and latches are standard. The window frame only requires to replace the tilt latch. We replace it with a burglary proof latch, next to which we install the TiltFirst latch. This latch features an additional slide-in function. Its installation is simple, with no template necessary. In the newest version: AWI Kids SAFE+ we used laminated pane that gauarantees the biggest security during play.

TiltFirst windows are recommended for schools and kindergartens, hotels as well as detached and semi-detached housing. Solutions available with LivIng MD/AS, SI 82 and CT 70.





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